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Legend stage Seedings?
faze = mibr, astralis > ence, liquid > big, nrg > navi
Legend stage Seedings?
Both are definitely not performing as well as they could be, but I still think FaZe > NA'VI. I guess we'll see tomorrow and the next rounds of the major after that.
Legend stage Seedings?
A few months ago, yes. But now, especially after ICE challenge and recent stuff about toxicity in the team, why would NA'VI be above FaZe?
Legend stage Seedings?
Legend stage Seedings?
Why is NA'VI over FaZe in some of them??
9/9 pickem LUL ez
NA'VI dropped out of the ICE challenge finals against North in 2019. They even lost against Heroic as well. FaZe won ELEAGUE Invitational and dropped out of ibp masters (shit tourney) at some stage ...
9/9 pickem LUL ez
Out of the big ones that will fail, it will most likely be navi. They haven't been working as hard recently and there is some toxicity in the team. I guess with mibr and faze we don't really know bec...
change major format
How do we know the matches are rigged in favour of the higher ranked teams? Just because they are lower ranked doesn't mean they are worse. The whole point of the major is to single out the better te...
Possibility to advance
God rain > everyone else
3-0, 0-3 thread
I'd say Adren can only get FaZe so far. They'll probably drop out of the playoffs like last time.
99.98%* EZ4ENCE
Ez way to get 8/9 picks right?
NRG 3-0 C9 0-3 Liquid, Astralis, FaZe, mibr, navi, ence, big I may sound crazy, but I'm going for weird picks after the challengers stage
Ez way to get 8/9 picks right?
EZ4ENCE my friend
Pick'Em Challengers Stage
They looked rough against furia but I think they can pull it off against Winstrike.
Pick'Em Challengers Stage
I need C9 and NIP to win their games and I will get 5/5.