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NBK deluded
Syman Gaming discussion
Dude the kid is most probably cheating just look at this video his timings are fucking disgusting , looks like wallhacks. Also look at these 2 videos, to f...
looks good but if the guy gets caught bye bye reputation no sponsor will take this org serious anymore lol talk about risk and succeed.
Post your pet!
i used to be scared of snakes now i have 2 vipers. also new hamsters every week (food for my snakes)
If no legal age
don't worry you're stupid yourself and what you think it's irrelevant at least i don't have parents to regret that they have born me like yours do :o
If no legal age
i know but it doesn't matter, a 15 yo kid can't offer anything to a man.
If no legal age
If no legal age
that's not bad but don't fap to them ok?
If no legal age
nope. a kid is a kid. just because they can doesn't mean they should. trust me people should waste that 14-20 years period on strengthening their bodies, learning new skills, get them in top shape the...
If no legal age
nope. only if you are both over 21 you are allowed sexual life and wicked thoughts. 18 years kids should go to army or learn to do a useful job. only then they can think about a family.
If no legal age
hmm but when you find something attractive and exciting you produce hormones don't you why waste energy on useless hormones? people shouldn't be taught anything related to sex until they're 20.
worst player in all top 10 teams
astralis = nobody , they're all insane
Day 74 of no fap
c'mon man i believe you can do anything if you keep no fap you can finally become a Fuhrer and save Europe.
faceit logic
hmm i can see no difference they look like dad and son
If no legal age
c'mon that's fact people grow and develop until 20/21 years there is no point in ruining your growth by starting your sexual life sooner what you see in kids i can't tell