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awpers in Denmark
Both are trash. I is agree
awpers in Denmark
Jugi? (-:b
Licked butthole with 3 different girls
if u no trying to eat that booty, u really a man??
Your watch ?
Gold Jaguar with brown leather
North need blameF
I hope youre joking... mertz is a fucking BOT. North already kicked him due to extremely low tactical knowledge..
well this major sucked
worst major in history
buy knife?
Ive recently made 400 dollar profit on my gloves and knife, so yea, its an investment. Not sure when its gonna top tho.
Worst fucking seeding system ever created. Completely useless, and basically just works as massive support beams for the biggest teams. The organizers know that they need the big teams to do well, coz...
0-2 bracket unfair
blame the extremely unbalanced shitty seedingsystem that was randomly decided right after an Australian Cup, while European teams were playing any big cups.. congraluations Renegades on being the 9th...
imma be honest, I wish I had the same determination as you, coz it pisses me off to listen to all the 12-year old retarded astralis fans living in their divorced dad's basement bragging about Astralis...
The whole system is fucking stupid anyways. Its based on teams seedings based on a random date that they decided on, so its incredibly unreliable and bias. Like Renegades playing NRG, Avangar & Drea...
Because FaZe has a better seeding than navi
Best looking flags?
Sri Lanka, Bhutan or Seychelles
North coach wtf
North coach wtf
Uha, man skal passe på, med at kommentere stavning, når ens grammatik selv er tilsvarende mellemskoleniveau. Og nej, jeg har ikke behov for, at pakke dig sammen på HLTV. Dét at du er Astralis "fan", e...