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Best top 20 so far
kennyS should be higher than nexa i think
F1 starting next weekend!
I hope that mercedes won't dominating like in last years.
Tennis is so underrated sport. A beautiful of this is that it's fully individual sport and tennis players should have an incredible strong mental to keep playing full match in top level. In Poland Rad...
Volleyball match Poland vs Brazil 3:2 in 2014 Worlds in Poland. Rollercoaster of emotions Volleyball match Poland vs Germany 3:2 in olympic quals 2016. Same level of emotions Arsenal 4:4 Liverpool Pr...
LOL Thorin's tweet
experience is not overrated in lan tournaments. I think that team should have 2-3 older players mixed with young skill players. Teams like past Vp or now Vitality are good examples
LOL Thorin's tweet
I think that Vitality should stay with this roster. They have an amazing experience (rpk, shox, apex) and young talented players (zywoo, misutaa). They dont need any "fix roster"
TOP 5 Danish players vs TOP 5 Swedish players
in CSgo history that would be insane to see this match if everyone would have thier top form den: device magisk gla1ve xyp9x dupreeh swe: flusha get_right olofm f0rest pronax
1. s1mple 2. zywoo 3. niko 4. device 5. hunter 6. electronic 7. kennyS 8. eliGE 9. ropz 10. magisk
Most Underrated Player
okay, krimz is now very known player. Maybe i would pick Lucky. He has low stats in G2 when he play there. In heretics he revive and he has a little worse stats than maka who is very popular cuz have ...
Most Underrated Player
I would say that rain was underrated in 2015-2017. Now he is popular player with skill tier 1 skill. Maybe stats are not so good as in 2015-2017 years but he is still useful and without him FaZe would...
top 20 2020
- bubzkij, jks, blameF + yuurih, nawwk, frozen elec should be lower i think 8-10 place i think allu should be lower - 17-20 place twistzz should be replaced by NAF ropz should be a little bit lower i ...
Top 9 Major fluckes
I wanna title this that - Top 15 major unexpected stories 1. cloud9 boston '18 2. fnatic dhack '13 3. gambit krakow '17 4. qbf boston '18 5. immortals krakow '17 6. ence katowice '19 7. avangar berlin...
CSGO World Cup
Poland National Team Lurker - rallen AWPer - mhl rifler - michu 2nd rifler - dycha IGL/support - innocent This is my opinion, but i know that igl should be neo/taz, but i want create the best firepowe...
1. G2 2. FaZe 3. 100th 4. Cloud9 5. dignitas 6. NiP 7. OG 8. complexity 9. Navi 10. Liquid