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why HENRYg
good point
Faze Clan(Org)
tldr no way im wasting 15m in something i dont give a shit about
why HENRYg
this question doesn't have to do with anything, but do u know if when orgs say the price of the player they say it before or after taxes?
top 5 2020
It depends what filter u use, hltv lists usually use top20 all matches but also counts top5, big events, lan etc so we can't really say exact number but yeah s1mple is winning (not by a lot but he is ...
Ayken kick
FR THO XAXAXAAX this happened literally 6 months ago
top 5 2020
I checked the stats and actually not bad, I thought he was way worse honestly, might be cos recent stats or idk. But still there is a huge gap between s1 and zywoo and the rest of the players 1.29 1.2...
top 5 2020
kennys ..
honestly he is kinda like draken but better, the type of awper who does incrdible flicks every now and then (even if he does 1 or 2 per match, it doesn't matter) cos he also misses ez shots frequently...
Hopefully he starts streaming frequently and joins an org as a content creator or even coach a team, I'd love to see that
left vs right is the biggest scam of humanity
true until u said it's too late for democracy. You think Montesquieu said "iT's tOo lAtE FoR DemoCrACyyYy"? It's never too late my man, obviously it's gonna be hard going back to the old democracy, (...
EUROPE TIER LIST Objective one Criteria: culture, food, weather, religion, GDP per capita, geography, happiness level, quality of life and friendly, how it is connn...
If you could choose where you were born what country would you pick? and why?
If you could choose where you were born what country would you pick? and why?
stop sucking denmarks dick lmaoooo, almost all western and northern eu countries have an amazing healhcare system, denmark sweden and norway are same shit with different names, the only difference is ...