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Players You Miss In Tier1 ?
flusha, man. the job he was doing in fnatic... he does so much dirty and unseen work. makes so much space for the team! plus he has 200iq (or haxs). this makes him so enjoyable to watch.
Best player from every region
HAHAHAHHAHA this thread has to be a joke
daps' Orgless lineup invited to ESL Challenger League NA as team list is finalized
You can click on the tournament link for more info. It will be a roundrobin groupstage, all bo3. Losing at playoffs sends you to the lower brackets. Grand final bo5, with 1 map advantage for the one w...
which nordic language to learn?
Wtf korean is not hard at all to learn
New G2 map pool
I think that vertigo is easier than ovp. Ovp is a huuuge map that rewards teamplay, coordination, and also timings. I feel that in vertigo not that much, it is a more straight forward map.
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
How about instead of shitting people trying to help the scene, we actually try to support them? Daps could have easily stayed in valorant, but he decided to come back and keep grinding to bring back N...
daps forms new roster under Orgless banner
+1 A healthy NA scene is only good for CS in general.
Thunderpick Bitcoin Series set to start
What is 322? Other comments are saying the same thing
Top 20 players of 2021: Jame (10)
Big kd difference because he saves all the time lol
777 sign Grusarn, H4RR3 returns
im giving up on humanity
but thats the whole point. why put up with all the bullshit? OP needs to realise that sometimes, the BS is too much, and much greater than the "good things" available to some. sometimes suicide is the...
im giving up on humanity
why should I? why should they? what does it matter if Im not the only one? if everyone does it, then its good or justified? what kind of logic is that... you definitely dont understand people and ment...