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Pros u want to see as girls
Your sensitivity?
4000 dpi 0.31 IG
Most overrated/underrated player?
Overrated - Stewie2K, Jame, Xantares Underrated - Poizon, Shipz, Nitro, Tabsen
How to find a gf
Sorry bro, how old are you ?
How to find a gf
give weapon_girlfriend If you lose her just mp_restartgame 1 and do it again
Worst anime you've watched?
Kill la Kill
Smoking pros
No but he eats them
is a RX 590 good for csgo and other games??
Yeah I agree, it's the same here in France but since he said he was thinking about upgrading for a RX 590 I supposed is budget was around 280/300 euros when RTX 2060 are more around 350/400 euros at b...
is a RX 590 good for csgo and other games??
Buy the new GTX 1660 or the ti version instead if they're available in your country. Very good value and a lot more efficient.
Look what i bought
I don't understand the comparison you're making I'm basically saying that I don't have a problem with people having uncommon fashion choices but I have a problem with the fact that this person have a...
Look what i bought
Don't listen to him. I mean you probably knew that at least one person would say that since you posted this here but still these people shouldn't say this and probably don't realize the impact it can ...
-1 If you play CS GO only, Intel is the way to go.
trans people are valid!
trans people are valid!
What you're talking about is a mental illness, the gender dysphoria caused mostly by depression. The suicide rate of the trans community is above 40 % and don't tell me this is because of the fact tha...
800 dpi 1.30 sens
4000dpi 0.3257