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Is it embarrassing to live with parents?
+1 men take your time and get a good job
Is it embarrassing to live with parents?
No man,if your famility has the money to have you at home and help you achieve your wanted job then take your time...
Worst 16 - 0?
nice link men
Valorant hype kids come here
+1 thats pretty much what happens , i play with my platinum friends and when people peek me i usually destroy them but in tiny holes or positions people destroy me
Valorant hype kids come here
ok then
Valorant hype kids come here
how does one aply to closed beta? or only twitch-suck-dick streamers?
Sleep schedule
Sleep: 4am Wake up: 3-4PM very tired tho
Valorant hype kids come here
why? whats on 7 april?
Valorant hype kids come here
bruh im global on csgo and i usually get shit on r6 and cod, just bc they dont play the same game you do doesnt mean theyre trash lol
Wrost Fanbases EVER
not even that, u cant say a fact that brazil has some of the worst community, if u say then comes 100000 brazillians saying "chupa pau de gringo, mama ovo de gringo"
Wrost Fanbases EVER
+1, our people literally spit on maj3r when he was in brazil...
Wrost Fanbases EVER
Bro 4 mibr? mibr fanbase cant be beaten... the people that cheer for this team are retarded
So easy for Finland
Yes kk usually means millions
So easy for Finland
bruh finland has 5kk people and sweden 10kk, i say its not that much...
Steam account hijacked and its taking them hours to respond.
oh no bro i hope you didnt do a chargeback, i did years ago and now i cant buy/trade anything