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og? where are you mens)
OG : n0tail Topson Jerax Ana Ceb Best roster in the world
coldzera (the truth)
Just an autistic br stupid...just ignore him...I think he lost all his cs skins on bet
coldzera (the truth)
Its good to see there r some good person from brazil..bcoz most of br people in hltv r retarded af ...they blame coldzera coz he left br to play in an international team....but they forgot that coldze...
coldzera (the truth)
He needed more than 2 or 3 hours...he had to type in portuguese first and copy past it in the google translate coz this guy is brainless af and illiterate
coldzera (the truth)
These stupid illiterate br monkeys just hate coldzera coz he left mibr and made mibr a tier 5 team and it will be worse in the future...so they just keep blaming him
Coldzera fans IQ?
At least cold won them more tier 1 event and kept the br scene alive...now look at br cs ...no tier 1 teams from br
Coldzera fans IQ?
S1mple fan haha...by skill s1mple shud be out of top 10 this year...throwing with knife ...no.1 my ass
Coldzera fans IQ?
Lol yeah ..that's y they hate him....they hate him bcoz he didn't wanted to waste his talent on a trash team like mibr....but they forgot that cold was the reason behind the success of br scene in 201...
Coldzera fans IQ?
He said big tier 3...won't y cry?
New top 3 rankings
Soon the new fnatic as well
Best researcher of hltv
And that god almost lost 16-0 yesterday
And now without coldzera? Mibr is washed up without coldzera....now they r nowhere near to win a tier 1 event... they even lost a tier 3 event and lost to a tier 3 team like tricked 2-0
when do faze announce cold
As an official player
Coldzera already. ESL one New York 2019
Epicenter and blast pro