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FaZe top 1?
I don't really think it helped. He hasn't been healthy making FaZe run various tournments with stand ins. And FaZe haven't been a legitimate top 5 team since they got destroyed by cloud 9 on that majo...
FaZe top 1?
olof has been terrible for the past 1 year and a half
your idol in cs go ?
i dont remember saying kjaerbye is better than device. My name just says he's overrated, not bad. He's by far the best player denmark has produced. I just like kjaerbye, im not retarded
your idol in cs go ?
if we talking about every cs, flusha isnt up there and neo and get right have to fill the top 5 with forest, cold and simple
CoronaVirus to ruin csgo scene?
thats why i said it was retarded to ignore it. Now coronavirus has a much higher death rate. Preventing it is helping everyone, just because you are healthy, doesn't mean everyone is. Elderly and peop...
CoronaVirus to ruin csgo scene?
the common flu has a higher dead rate, but still ignoring it is plain retarded. You shouldnt ignore a pandemic desease even if it is overrated. If tho it isn't what media are making of it, you'd still...
cs mansion
was about to comment this. The actual only decent map they could add, even before vertigo
songs not about love
surely, your sister will be a dream girl. She has an amazing taste
songs not about love
You just showed how much you understand of music. And you didn't argument against anything I said cause you probably only heard "do i wanna know" from AM, and "Starlight" or "Uprising" from Muse
songs not about love
All of those I said are 'current stuff' besides Pink Floyd. Our love to admire and turn on the bright lights are incredible albums. My favourite band is the Arctic Monkeys, but a good number of their ...
songs not about love
And they still sound like a boy band as 5 seconds of summer or some shit. Listen to Interpol, or the classic Pink Floyd, Muse, Pixies or Strokes
songs not about love
weezer is so bad
Pepsi or coke?
that doesn't actually defend the fact that kebabs are unhealthy
zywoo top 1
S1mple wasn't half of what he was last year, pushing him to 2nd is already to much