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Played Counters-strike since the very beginning with a few breaks.

Went inactive first in 2002 to play Battlefield 1942 at the highest level with Gamers Network, topping the ranking lists at Clanbase on the european ladder after 14 straight wins. (The team later became known under the name meetYourmakers (mYm) and Cloud9).

Came back to CS to give it another shot from 03-05 with teams like Tagteam and royal playing close to a top10 nationwide. After 2005 I went inactive again only playing for fun with friends in two different mixteams in 07 and 08 one in the danish DEL division 2 and the other at the top of the ESL.ger ladder, which we couldn't advance from because of our nationalities (dutch and danish mainly).

Highlight was playing a final in a 64 team prized online tournament against Spirit of Amiga/temporary fielding the danish legends MuGGz and zonic with the rest of the roster being memoral players like StaN/inCre, bott and azzkikr.
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FlipiN was not as good as Drastyk nor Gargola.
AdreN has been the best kazakh ever to play CS, so for some that is being a legend as SeDaN would be for some romanians. Everyone will define their own terms of what makes a legend there isn't a pre-d...
Pro players Salaries
The top players get around 8000€ + winnings.
pretty equal.
31 year old pro
Don't believe everything you read. No doubt the brain declines over time, thats something I can feel on my own, but that doesn't mean a wider study accounts for everyone and specially not tier 1 pl...
Budget gaming laptops?
There are no competitive FPS gaming laptops, so stay away from them if you wanna play CS. The Asus ROG does a decent job playing strategy games though.
Budget gaming laptops?
which has problems with heat
N. Korea VS U.S.A.
[ITALIC]America deserve a war on their land since they are in every single war world wide for last 100 y but never had war on their own land these years.[/ITALIC] 1941, 7. december. By my calcul...
Top 5 euro countries with great history
I guess that comes down to what ones thoughts on organization is. On my shelf I have the biggest piece on roman history and I have a masters in organization and I don't see the Roman Empire much be...
Top 5 euro countries with great history #29 - sick ;) The Roman Empire is only big in peoples minds because of their historians that cataloged everything and the big focus on movie...
Why isnt Germany better in CSGO?
Pretty solid. I remember the talks about banning CS in Germany. This put together with #41 seems to be the reasons behind, though I wouldn't know if it is true what #41 writes.
Why isnt Germany better in CSGO?
There have ALWAYS been more organisations in Germany than anywhere else besides USA. Talent doesn't need organisations to prove themselves and when they do, organisations will be ready to take them i...
How long can SK be top 1?
Right now they are the most balanced team with both experience, firepower, a good igl and coach. They are also one of the more tactically sound teams around switching between high and low tempo depend...
Pokémon Go is a Government Surveillance Psyop
Don't worry, Endomondo is already watching you.
Dating Expert
Where do I buy one, what are the prizes, how long do one last, what functions are there and is there a colorchart available?