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Job update... (1 week)
If it is making you unhappy, and you don't NEED the money/have another route of getting it, then I'd say quit
hardest esports game?
I'd say Dota over League without a doubt. With no means to shit on League, the game is MADE for a more casual audience, it's designed to be a lot more beginner-friendly and easier to pick up, similar ...
Dogecoin shocks me so much, I guess it just proves that if enough desperate people fall for a pump and dump scheme, it can work out
Gamdom is by far the most established and trustworthy for that stuff
Recon 5 vs Levitate
i was here
yeah, got one recently and damn was it worth it. I thought there may be some dip in quality but it's well worth the price compared to getting ripped off completely before
Top 5 bands
Crywank CNCLCULTR Modern Baseball (First 2 albums) Catfish and the Bottlemen I have wayyyyy more, just listed who I'm listening to a lot of right now.
ORG owner
Ah, so a more expensive Dignitas. We've all seen how well thats going :/
"Boring final"
fully agree, this has been my favourite tournament in ages. when our past 100 tournaments have been the same teams playing an online final, these underdogs make it so much more exciting.
Fix vp
because this time vp beat navi /close
Best Anime OP
Serial Experiments Lain's OP remains undefeated by and and all of the ones posted here. Just fact. The full song is better but doesn't have visuals https:/...
Tips for 24.2 games
#1 tip you can ever get, don't bet.
SJ vs Apeks
I mean they had a few rounds on low econ where they played it well. They were playing passive, never taking any unneeded fights, and made sure they were at all times playing an angle that could be tr...