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Assassin Creed Norway
Correct me if im wrong, this is all from memory of history class 8+ years ago, but as far as we we're taught in history class, the most notorious vikings came from Denmark, Harald Blåtand, Gorm den Ga...
Astralis in-game nicknames
Is it not just the ESL overlay or what the fuck is going on? the kill feed shows the proper names of the players getting the kill, but the overlay shows the new nicknames
Im hoping they do something about the Krieg before the major, otherwise it will be abused to the max once more before Valve finally get their head out their asses and balance it out.
Losing Kriegs to the CT side will put you at a disadvantage regardless of the situation. CT's can post up with Kriegs holding AWP angle's tapping heads rather quickly, while the T's have to peak into ...
device robbed
Nah, Device might be 2nd place due to his tournament wins and MVP's in important tournaments, but ZywOo clearly deserved top 1. For me its; 1. ZywOo 2. Device 3. Elige (absolute monster and good ach...
most overrated players 2019
i think Dupreeh is gonna be a 50/50 coin toss and will come down to how Astralis do in 2020 overall. i believe Coldzera is more overrated
Top 20 players 2019: 9th
device best player in csgo history
an actual good comment with good use of an analogy. +1
gla1ve cheating his ass off WTF?!?!?
Yeah if its on Inferno its definitely understandable. There are plenty of chokepoints to just wildly spam on there that could net you easy kills. Down banana, top mid, apartments from 2nd mid, B site ...
gla1ve cheating his ass off WTF?!?!?
i havent noticed Elige doing it much to be fair, he's always been a solid performing player putting up good numbers. Is he really starting to look fishy too?