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Neo GOAT explanation
exactly, Snax literally called Neo out in an interview saying how bad he was when he wasn't IGL and was given freedom to be a star again. Also at the beginning of csgo, Neo had plenty of time to be a ...
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
yeah that why i said now, f0rest had pretty good stats in both version was the point but neo didn't
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
nah neo was still getting carried by snax who was top 5 player in those years and byali at their peak. he was ok in 2015 which was his best csgo year with #17 in top 20. It is worth mentioning neo bes...
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
i'm pretty sure nearly everyone is now tho
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
yes and f0rest had similar 1.6 stats too and he was no where near as bad as neo shown in that link. Neo is good but in 1.6 only nearly 7+ years ago
f0rest >>>>>>>> NEO
Neo is true GOAT
[POLL] f0rest vs NEO
Neo true GOAT
[POLL] f0rest vs NEO
Zywoo top1 2019
they didn't give the award itself at the time of the tournament but they did get the mvp
Zywoo top1 2019
no shox, kennys, and flamie all won MVP without winning the event before s1mple last year
GOAT Debate
well the quote was from 2014-2017, so device 2018 is only third as 2013 was not included for a reason. HLTV considers GTR 2013 to still be better
DUDE ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS Hobbit needs 2.06 to be considered GOAT
fnatic +500 points for winning
#6 in this thread