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Top 20 players 2018: 5th
List of remaining players in top HLTV
s1mple is definitely more consistent. He has 86.5% 1.00+ rating in matches and has lower win percentage in games than Device who only has 76.2%. Even Niko was more consistent according to HLTV. I th...
No I never said it's insignificant. I only meant that clutch impact is just limited compared to what you previously said. That is why clutch players like Cold, GTR, Xyp have low impact ratings. Open...
List of remaining players in top HLTV
why you think dev > s1mple?
List of remaining players in top HLTV
My list would be something like #1) s1mple #2) Device #3) Niko #4) electronic #5) Dupreeh #6) Naf This is my opinion though
List of remaining players in top HLTV
IMO all the right players, all the wrong placement
Top 6 HLTV 2018
IMO elec > Dupreeh
100% Last top 6 Ranking
hello you are missing NAF
Selena Gomez in your bedroom
ask her if Ariana Grande can come instead
if device dies
just buy another device from store
where can mom sleep??
why does Man of the Match need to sleep?
I guess but I still feel entries are more important than clutches for matches won as I have stated in #37. Clutches can be flashy and very memorable to viewers, but their impact for the most part is ...
I also mean an "entry kill" as in going into the site first and getting an opening kill there to open the bombsite which is not necessarily the first kill of the round. Sadly, opening kills means firs...
thoughts on #37 my friend?
best player at his best
What about f0rest's peak in 2013?