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Heroic vs ENCE
Yes sir, guys!
MIBR vs North
I know. But I feel he has the right winning mentality to actually do both and still frag as well
MIBR vs North
Who? I think this is the right roster. They ARE good now, but I wish they would be even better
MIBR vs North
Noted. Really hope the rest of 2019 will be more competetive, with the legendary teams and upcoming teams giving Liquid and Astralis a bit more fight! Good luck with Mibr in the tournament. Will be ...
MIBR vs North
Not attacking you, just pointing out your way of being pissed off at everything. Good day to you too, kid
MIBR vs North
Haha. How old are you little kid? Did you not get enough love in your childhood?
MIBR vs North
And now you are Ence fan? Nice, plastic!!!
MIBR vs North
Again what a fan you are??? Saying two top teams should disband, just says how f---ed up this community is. So every team but Astralis should disband? Grow up,
MIBR vs North
Of course a kid from Russia is being homophobic.
MIBR vs North
What a fan you are, huh? I guess you are the real LOL
MIBR vs North
Hey cool kid You havent realized how they have improved recently being 8 th. They draw Liquid and beat them, they draw Faze, and loses in overtime 2-1, they then draw mibr, and and loses with three po...
MIBR vs North
Unlucky North. :(
North vs Liquid
MIBR vs North
Yes sir!
Liquid vs North
DH Masters was magnificent, but they do missed so many qualifications, suffered huge losses, so either a narrow victory or big defeat. Win DH Masters, and then lost big time just a minute later at the...