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so true dude. when i see her photos with horses i nope the fuck out of there
rpk's hair
ok sorry bro thought u were hating to answer it yes he does dye it because it started graying out so he rather have full grey than grey hairs mixed with dark
rpk's hair
damn hating on the dude u jealous cuz he earns good money and drives a dope ride
Is NBK good again?
relax he has few good maps and then back to being garbage this is his frag due for next 3 months
silver spotted ALEX=Lurker under 40 seconds left he kills ALEX, doesn't spot anyone else, no one tries to refrag, calls its B
Vitality vs ViCi
yeah its kinda sad all the retards saying throw its obvious call ALEX is the lurker and he didnt see anyone else mid so he called its probably B
he cleared mid with kill on alex and called that its probably B
Actually I thought the same thing as you did but I remembered a friend of mine who is a psychologist and who happened to like CS and he was spectating me few years ago. I died to some guy and I called...
you missed the point of the quote ive also heard the same quote used as mirror neurons we hate traits and qualities in other people that we dont like in ourselves we reflect on ourselves from others
ViCi 0 iq
your post doesnt make sense bro they have great teamplay a lot of 2 man plays, flash peeks, good setups you obviously have to rely on individual skill
ViCi 0 iq
HOW MUCH You are one of these people that get pushed as T and you die and you call the guy pushing a retard LMAO. You can push cuz c9 are bots with shit aim
Cloud9 vs ViCi
why do cloud9 not ban inferno considering its probably vici best map
TikTok babes?
"babes" i guess you're a street shitter cuz i see indian thots also invest in a rope and a solid chair bro if you watch tiktok compilations
ENCE vs G2
yeah you have a point about him underperforming and he should consider changing up things if he is struggling
ENCE vs G2
yeah but as a commentator bashing a player will only result in the community hating him more and in reality g2 need to work on the whole aspect of TEAM and teamplay be it communication/synchronization...