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easiest nation to bait ?
:D we all know our country is fucked but what to do when politics in this country is fucked up
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
its so fucking sad that they were top1 team and quit because of flusha hated dennis and olof becaused they wanted to kick jw from the team
Virtus.pro vs fnatic
olof went from top1 in the world 2015 to not even top50 in 2016, what the fak happened
flusha my friend
its called game experience
Natus Vincere vs mousesports
it would be funny to hear all conversation of navi in teamspeak this game. who are raging on who?
NiP vs Virtus.pro
I'm happy that you answered. I was just kidding, of course no one can be a better player than f0rest.
NiP vs Virtus.pro
wow doplan reminds me of f0rest earlier in 1.6, this guy is crazy
staying up to watch NiP
yeah, not fucking worth it
Virtus.pro vs NiP
Hey! When f0rest retire, it will be a sad day for the scene. Highlight instead the good thing about players who have been playing for such a long time instead of saying that.
Pokemon GO
wow, did you picked up that? on what level did u pick it up? that is awesome dude
Natus Vincere vs Cloud9
do Na'Vi players speak english to each other or can they talk a similar language?
G2 vs TyLoo
imagine you play cache and you decide to rush A and scream and shox is holding there
Liquid top 3 in world?
dont use that stuff of shit ounencemententen because nip is destroying right now
LG out in groups
NiP vs Luminosity
So sad NiP can't play with pyth, it would be exciting if there was. Now, easy for LG :[ I feel sad for NiP because I know they have trained so hard for this and played good lately.