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pes players here?
no matter how bad PES' servers are, its still >>>>>>>>>>>>>FIFA
Swimming or gym?
once you get into it its not a real problem, more of a warmup
Swimming or gym?
depending on your goal chose swimming 3x a week if you want condition and endurance, or gym 3x a week if you want strength and esthetics
Swimming or gym?
I regret quitting swimming every other day, its the stupidest decision i ever made
Swimming or gym?
that is why I said you should try hitting gym 2-3 times a week and swimming as well, no need to focus on only one of them and benefits of both are amazing, also try to eat as healthy as possible (its ...
Swimming or gym?
I used to train swimming and I gotta say it the best sport you can ever take. I would recommend you going to a gym 2-3 times a week (no need doing cardio) and swimming 2-3 times a week (also you shoul...
RIP 44k per month
do you even know what that 2M includes? its 3 year salary + buyout Also im pretty sure you arent eligible to make that conclusion
Liquid vs Mythic
ez for homeless lumberjack
best German rap song?
ur sensitivity
800dpi 1.35IG 1.1 zoom 6/11 windows all mouse acceleration off
Overrated songs
any trap song is overrated
Ryzen or Intel
AMD motherboards have PCI-E Gen 4.0 while Intel have 3.0 and are cheaper than Intel MoBo's If you dont care about $ and ONLY need it for video games go for Intel, otherwise go for AMD
Sprout who?
EZ 4 Debeli