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Swole Patrol vs eUnited
Swole Patrol vs eUnited
Who is swole patrols igl
BIG vs G2
They are on bootcamp in poland do you really think he will cheat when he is next to his teammates
HellRaisers vs Vitality
Why should i cry you disabled white flagging baguette Congratz to the only tournament win you have 25k $ tier1000 event Hahahahaha We will see vitality at major gonna flop like your washed up g2 tea...
HellRaisers vs Vitality
0/8 baguetteboy
Woxic kurdish xaxaaxaxa
Turkish BIG fans
Siktir lan
Turkish BIG fans
Amcik agzli you dont live in turkey for sure stop talking trash or stop baiting you fucking nobrainer this complete comment is a lie
Turkish BIG fans
Orusbuosman people have no money to go to football matches you think they have money to watch cs tournament who the fuck is berk you fucking bot
Turkish BIG fans
Every pro player receives death threats you dumb fuck even taco the most friendly pro receives them but no of course german people are so special they would never do something like this Btw the thread...
Turkish BIG fans
Lmao so you are saying that no german has ever send death threats to an german pro player? You are clearly delusional Think what you want it is still some kind of support you fucking retard ofc its ...
Turkish BIG fans
Turks giving the support that germans cant give haha Just watch german streams and stfu Cry is free btw
Worst CS scenes in the world
Obv. to bait
faceit elo
Min is 10 !! Its a bug for sure Lets say you got kicked last match or you left and you lost 24 elo points Match will be not in your profile You play one more and you win the game and you win 25 elo...