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Why G2 top 1
btw if u wanna discuss about stuff like that I recommend reddit or discord. People actually have brains around there and are not just spamming their old unfunny jokes.
Why G2 top 1
So ?
Why G2 top 1
Ignore those stupid hltv kids bitching around. I enjoyed the post a lot m8. Well written and pretty accurate ;)
vitality will win
Tbh G2 will probably win. They looked insane yesterday on Nuke and OVP. However, Vita aren't stupid enough to pick OVP unprepared so this'll prob go to the third map. As a g2 supporter all I can hope ...
"and reddit is cringy" hltv in a nutshell r/woooosh is a subreddit you refer to when one person blatantly misses a joke.
Did you try a joke right there or just r/woooosh the whole numba wan thing ?
Sixer and Smithzz are a fucking joke
muslims ate pork i feel so bad
Well you shouldn't have given popcorn to the muslim dude in the first place... Don't think too much about it but don't do it again, that's it.
New LDLC lineup
Lmao, tier 1 at least if not better
HLTV game
Indeed it was the first lmao, dude, Kenny's 1v3 clutch against luminosity to keep them in the game.
Oh well there you go. I like how you call me an idiot without knowing much :p gg wp
HLTV game
Are you making a joke that I'm not getting or did you just mistake hen1 for KennyS ?
If G2 somehow manages to lose, disband this shit.
G2 future
That round was heartbreaking. I was straight up jumping on my chair "WTF SHOX WHY THROW". Seriously g2 could have won that
d2 worst fucking map
CTs are quicker for a long defense. HAve you played the map before ? Concerning B don't tell me the CT's don't have time to deploy a nade... If they don't they just fucked up. extra 300$/600$ (molly)...