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El Chapo pays for the wall
They speak Portuguese man lol
fnatic vs ViCi
lol this comment after the match just ended
fnatic vs ViCi
Lol it’s happening
El Chapo pays for the wall
“Hey buddy, did you just blow in from Stupid Town?”
Worst and best religion?
Lol, I checked his profile and he’s crusading against every discerning opinion here. His use of “fanatical” is pure and very enjoyable irony.
Worst and best religion?
+1, learn how to be respectful. I guarantee you hat if I didn’t say what I believed in you’d be more open to this discussion, but you’re just looking for someone to insult lol
Worst and best religion?
Toxic af lol, I was just saying that both of us are illogical. Glad to know you’re closed minded like 90%+ of this world.
Worst and best religion?
Newton’s Flaming Laser Sword: if it can’t be proven OR disproven, it is not worthy of debate. You can’t disprove atheism like you can’t disprove Christianity. Therefore both are unworthy of considerat...
your waifu?
Nah it’s the one with the Scottish accent and a grenade launcher
Next NA Major Location
Give a smaller city a shot, I’d love to see Nashville get a major in Bridgestone Arena. 20,000 seats ready to go in the Music City.
Envy vs Win Scrims Not Matches
I feel bad for Nifty. He needs to go to another team, and I’m sure he’ll be back. This is a terrible team to work with. Same for karrigan, although I think he should back off from top tier, he’s start...
Valiance vs BIG
ez for Mr. XANTARES and godseN
7.5h in School
It’s 2:45 for me, not every American school has same times.
7.5h in School
*Has school everyday from 7:45 to 2:45*, *laughs in freedom* kill me
OpTic vs Virtus.pro
Compared to V.P’s other recent stuff, this is a great showing! If they keep building momentum like this they will eventually climb back to the top level. I don’t think it’s anywhere near impossible.