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Astralis 2-0 FaZe
At least he can play awp, not like Bottr0
Astralis 2-0 FaZe
Nitr0 fan omegaLUL he only plays on overpass on any other map -
They are pretty mutch old renegades, they will have like 50/50 if final will be FaZe vs 100T
EU Malding LUL
Bad b8
dota 2 or league of legends?
I prefer league of legends becouse its faster and i think its just more fun, only downgrade in league is the community
top 20 players of 2019
-Stew deserves a spot in top 20 He play shit he just farms stats on tier 3 teams when he is against Tier 1-2 he gets rekted like a little bitch
How did they help ? Seriusly when you watch game with Usa crowd (Canada crowd is kinda ok) when Na team is winning its like in the zoo in the Monkey pavilion when they bring food they ghost and shit a...
What, i just said that its still better then Na crowd
Still better then Na crowd: Better dead crowd then crowd full of ghosting
Top 5 worst roster moves in history
Ye Astralis play shit this tournament but remember the tournament where liquid got fucked by optic and Grayhound ? What did Liquid acomplish after : Astralis coming back and rise of Eg... NOTHING
Top 5 worst roster moves in history
Okay, I know that you are a Na brain and a patriot , but come on, Astralis were afk for a quarter of the year, but Lulquid fans will comptely ignore this fact.
Top 5 worst roster moves in history
Astralis didnt play brainded, if they played they would be luckers to win even one
Top 5 worst roster moves in history
Yeah they beat Astralis at their peak , their peak was like a year ago, lot has changed, with Karrigan they lost everything thats why NiKo took the igl becouse his tactics didn't work, becouse of NiKo...
No one : Faze haters when FaZe loses 16:8 OMG DISBAND WASHED UP BOTS Faze haters when FaZe wins 16:2 Omg FaZe fans so hyped up
Even K0nfig one tapping SuNny trough ticket was better, like he just threw a nade and Get_right did it first