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NEW Heretics Roster!
This true?
Are you HIGH LMAFOOOOO, CR4ZY PLACED 9-11th Last Major And they still have 3/5th players from that team. Oh boy ur fucking sped
pro100 vs Windigo
Pro100 soon to be Winstrike before bondik joined
BIG vs OpTic
Lol ez 4 OpTic 6-2 in favor of optic.
Liquid vs OpTic
They got this on lock, Liquid is failing they are losing that confidence they had before player break liquid won’t make it past T8, OpTic will win the group and win Malmo, and MSL will once again out ...
OpTic is better than All Tier 3 teams and C9 hasn’t even played even more than 2 lans yet.
new new VP. s1mple NiKo Rain Olof Aleskib
Windigo vs SMASH
SMASH 2-1 Smash ban Overpass Mirage Windigo ban Train Nuke 1st Map Smash 16-7 Vertigo 2nd Map Windigo 16-14 D2 3rd Map Smash 16-13 Inferno.
Get reported new fag
They didn’t have Maden at the SL EU minor. But the next one they gonna whoop FNC
Aristocracy vs SMASH
COME ON SMASH YOU GUYS GOT THIS!!! I love the greatest Swede coach ever Devilwalk, best Swedish awp Makiele. Best German IGL EVER, and PENTAS BABY kRYSTAL best Czech player ever Support STYKO! Best Fi...
Aristocracy vs SMASH
Smash got this I believe!
SJ vs Nordavind
Ez 4 NVD tenzki rubino cadiaN Cromen H4RR3
Japaleno vs AGO
Put in PASHA plz ago it’s your only hope.....
9/9/19 rankings but where’s c9
They were number 23 they might have got kicked out of the Top 30 rankings because the only games they played as a roster was Blast LA and that was in July, where now the major just happened and teams ...