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Winstrike vs MIBR
this is gonna be a fun match to watch! i am thinking mibr wins 2-1! it took them a while to warm up! but now they will do goodddd!!!! mibr forever!
G2 changes
this is bullshit man, G2 used to be the french power house, than nexa and hunter came in, and now niko than kicking amanek for ropz? next thing you know g2 will sign fejtz
Godsent fans be like..
Not everyone is accustomed to the EU grind, not everyone is gambit who literally grinds payed scrims, aka and Vulcan fight series 24/7 against bots, Brazilians and Americans are accustomed to...
Godsent fans be like..
Hi man, please just shut up, Taco And Felps were used to playing Tier 1 NA tier 1 Brazil, and same as Latto, and B4rtin and dumau played tier 1.5 NA. dumau advanced 35, and B4rtin played in team oNe, ...
Brazil Taco IGL Coldzera Fallen Awp shz support chelo
if s1mple stayed with liquid
Summit the Malta event, was the only ones they won.. they got second at the esl one NY event where they choked. A 2-0 lead
Faze Fans come
Why would Karrigan ideally want to come back to faze? He got fucked over once? And why would he think it would It will change, ideally this new Mouz lineup with him and açor is better than faze
-danoco +saffee
Fuck off, for fuck sakes stop thinking, in this way if there’s not a win for every series at the beginning you need to kick the player, ffs. Danoco was litteraly always in the team below BOOM (mibr no...
GamerLegion vs Lilmix
ez 4 Gamer Legion
Mythic vs Eclipse
Who’s DAF?
Triumph vs Eclipse
Pre-FalleN Liquid Fans come here
I belive fallen is basically the brazlian Nitr0 great awping great igling, when it was stewie igling in Liquid they were going of emotion and hype, same thing as like kng IGL if the fire power isn’t w...
TACO negociating with GODSENT
It’s confirmed I had contact with dead the manager and they just signed today!