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They think that I'm Tom Cruise
actually Scottish, admins pls add Scottish flag <3
fluent English, very basic Russian (can't hold a conversation)

TOP3: Liquid, Entropiq, Eternal Fire

"I hate online CS, it should cease to exist"
-Keith "NAF" Markovic

"Only pussies try to win no matter what"
-Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo
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major winners %
I think a lot of people forget just how much experience Liquid has at Majors, they have two Major winners with three Majors between them, and the team as a whole has more Major experience between them...
Non Br liquid fans
i believe the correct phrase i would use in this situation is "Liquid é Brasil" the more, the merrier
Photos: Legends teams arrive at PGL Major
First pic is gonna be around for years, if not decades. Possible GOAT esports photograph in the making, up there with the Fly/N0tail handshake and Stewie celebrating IGS on the table
Evil Geniuses vs Copenhagen Flames
EG is a team of 5 absolutely capable players that simply have no chemistry as a group. I think the old NRG core has run its course and the org needs to start looking at huge changes, not just swapping...
Liquid vs Entropiq
why are Entropiq's player pictures photoshopped?
Your pickem success
Heroic 3-0 (X) TYLOO 0-3 (X) adv.: Astralis, ENCE (adv.), MOUZ, FaZe (adv.), Entropiq (adv.), BIG, VP (adv.) I'm guaranteed either BIG or MOUZ so I'm safe, but jfc it was a stressful first stage
pgl production
it's the best major in the last 2 years
Car related flairs
https://www.hltv.org/team/8602/f1-racecar-peek I could've swore this used to have their team logo (a funny little badly drawn F1 car), but I guess it doesn't now
Fessor joins Astralis Talent
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
gambit wins these
ESL announce 34-member IEM Fall broadcast team
FYI you got the wrong Vince next to Dust in the big list e: sorted just as i posted, lol
how much bank do you think the stand-ins are making for playing for these guys
i agree but it's damn fun to watch and to drive (in DR2 anyway. pretty sure it'd kill me IRL)