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They think that I'm Tom Cruise

"I hate online CS, it should cease to exist"
-Keith "NAF" Markovic
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Liquid Karrigan
he can still go imo, the main problem is whether he wants to still go or not, I think he's already mentally checked out
Liquid Karrigan
it'd be the only -nitr0 +X move I'd be alright with, except maybe -nitr0 +sgares don't fix what isn't broken though imo
Press F to pay respect to VP
Rate br man
I personally don't really mind tbh
Rate br man
6/10, not my type but I see the appeal
+1 granted I don't follow CIS CS that much but on paper I think the lineup is incredible and has crazy potential if they can all gel together well
Peacemaker to Liquid
Please god no
Liquid Seangares?
Yeah. Shame since -zews +sgares would be the only coach move I would consider...well, *not* disagreeable at least. Would be cool, but very very unlikely.
Liquid Seangares?
Would be a miracle to get him to agree to coach, since didn't he say he had turned down a bunch of coaching offers before?
Liquid coach
zews is basically the person that got Liquid to where they are rn. Who the fuck would they even pick up? yNK? Fucking Get Beverages James again? This entire move is fuuuuuuuuucked
?????????????????????? 1. zonic 2. forsaken 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. peacemaker
Vega Squadron vs Sprout
EZ for LAN Squadron
Liquid aren't a bad Nuke team, I agree they shouldn't let it through against Astralis but I suppose they're confident enough on it to think they can be the ones to end the streak. Maybe they can, but ...
Envy vs cantwinalan
Envy win 'cause XotiC dodged LAN
MIBR vs Cloud9
looking forward to Maybe in Brazil vs. CloudNein!