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I edited too but from school.. blow that shit up please
s1mple STFU
Typical MIBR fan. If s1mple would've accepted to go to MIBR this guy would've sucked his dick with the biggest smile on his face. Anyway... enjoy TIER 4 MIBR. LMAOOOO
Liquid #1 soon
you retards don't know how the ranking system works, do you?
Australian casters
At least you have some. In Romania we have one caster and he is so bad that I think our scene isn't growing because of him.
Australian casters
jokes aside, the australian casters are bad and it was a poor decision on behalf of ESL. They talk to fill the void and it's cringe af.
Astralis vs ex-3DMAX
The PennyS fans are the worst kind of fans, they only watch G2 tier 6 matches and think that their team is still on top because they win there. PennyS is a bot since the awp was nerfed. JW was among t...
fnatic vs North
LMAO. They are T1 only in terms of ranking. When it comes to playing, both Astralis and TL would sheeeet on all of those ''T1'' teams.
Pro Fantasy League
A 'real' teamate
No, you can join faceit for free. It's much better than MM. There are paid leagues, but do not worry about those for the moment.
fantasy league
A 'real' teamate
Grind Faceit leagues my friend
3-0 Pickems LUL
y'all, I want a statue: https://twitter.com/duliecs/status/1098486916608073728
free brax
idjits everywhere
free brax