Wow, you can type a biography on HLTV? This is so cool!
Send me a message if you wanna talk about something I said cus I'm no life hltv user mens)))
mousesports and Na'vi fan, please do not bully me mens(((

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s1mple not top-3 2019
Yes, and what events did Niko get MVPs from? two fucking blast events that were shit. where did s1mple get his MVP? Like the fourth biggest event of the year where several top 10 teams attended.
REAL top 5
Fallen = washed up
REAL top 5
I cheer for mousesports and Navi but I'm from the U.S.A where we have 2 top5 teams. According to your logic, I'm either a fake flagger or a plastic fan.
REAL top 5
He's not too bad at baiting, the bad baiter is you. Nobody without some sort of mental illness would tell you that a BR team could win a T1 event rn, you can't deny that unless you are mentally ill.
s1mple not top-3 2019
>niko >top 5 players in 2019 pick one
OG lineup
I would still love to see them keep woxic, and if I could choose, as a mouz fan, the lineup in the future that will be top5 will be woxic karrigan frozen valde shipz
OG lineup
OG lineup
sources? Also, why would you ever dream of kicking your 2 stars? No matter what IGL they play under, woxic, ropz and frozen should stay with mouz for years IMO. ChrisJ might have to go though...
Top 5 2020
top 5 2020 s1mple NiKo Zywoo Twistzz woxic
OG lineup
"Woxic I could see this happening with mouz definately kicking 3 players soon" who are they kicking?
ok bro don't worry im good at keeping secrets men))))
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r8 my dream car
not everybody is like you and makes 32k/month as a DJ.....
Build your perfect roster
Ropz- lurker Elige- entry Aleksib- igl Simple-rifler Woxic- awp