mousesports and Na'vi fan, please do not bully me mens(((

(Update Winter 2019: Can't bully me anymore losers!)
(Update Fall 2020: Fuck)
(Update Winter 2020: Improvement)
(Update Spring 2021: I don't even know anymore)
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Best story of a video game
I bet nobody would say this, but the story quests for Warframe are amazing imo. Best free to play game ever, not even close
Heroic players not top 10?
This works extremely well for a team like Heroic because they don't have any players that have ever consistently stepped up to be a star, but cadian and teses find themselves shining more than the oth...
FaZe Clan situation
I think all that FaZe needs is a really solid player in place of coldzera. If they fork up the money for a player like jkaem, Brollan or Brehze they would be very strong. Also, if they want to go the ...
Ax1le and ZywOo Also, Navi played better at the end of 2019 than the beginning, the only thing that killed Navi in 2020 was the ...
Ax1le and ZywOo
These comments frighten me.
Ax1le and ZywOo
s1mple has a better chance than both of them, idk if you forgot because Navi didn't play at this event, but he is clearly the most dominant player so far this year. Navi has been playing equally as go...
team you want to see win a major?
Navi, Faze or G2
Why do you root for "blank"
IEM Cologne Winners
grim never played LAN, piss his pants on stage against s1mple
IEM Cologne Winners
solution to g2?
The only solution for this team that has made top 4 at their past 4 events and is currently ranked 4 in the world is to disband. Are you even trying with your baits nowadays?
top 5 riflers 2021
I agree he is not playing as well this year as last year, not guaranteed top 10 spot this year. hopefully he picks it up
top 5 riflers 2021
I like this list, but i think you might have FURIA bias. unfortunately they aren't playing that well recently.
top 5 riflers 2021
blamef,rez,k0nfig,flamez...... delusional navi hater /closed