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Renegades vs ex-Genuine
They beat Liquid on LAN so I wouldn’t underestimate them. They’ll have no problem with BIG.
Renegades vs ex-Genuine
Yeah I thought they looked formidable based on their map poll but then I checked to see what teams they actually played. They’ll be lucky to make playoffs.
Renegades vs ex-Genuine
Renegades dogshit lmao
How old are you?
No I gave 2 to my ex-bf (senior) and 1 to an 8th grader at a party
Your legacy
I want to be known for getting amazing head in the oval office from a hot 22 yr old intern
Is the US an experiment
Idrc about it honestly. It's basically a "woke" thing among left-leaning celebrities/media figures to pretend to love minorities and pander to them nonstop. They'll act racist in private of course, bu...
Is the US an experiment
That's why I had "at the time" in parentheses. For whites there was significantly more freedom than anywhere else in the world, but of course for minorities we still had work to do.
No but he's a master troll and great at baiting people who take his silliness literally
Is the US an experiment
I mean, America in its early years was referred to as the Great Experiment for its (at the time) unprecedented level of freedom. Nowadays America is obviously not the only democratic republic in the w...
your biggest RETARD moment
Accidentally blasted my porn on outdoor speakers instead of my earbuds
Teams after major
Ez for Ence unless they play Mad Lions lmao
Edge is now good wtf He has a 0.00 rating so no he's kinda shit actually
Worst president in your country's history?
Lincoln was left to deal with the mess Buchanan gave him, and I wouldn't say beating the confederacy decisively was just standing by and doing nothing.
Worst president in your country's history?
Clinton was bad but he didn't stand by and watch his country fall into civil war while doing jack shit about it
Worst president in your country's history?
Buchanan obviously Surprised partisan hacks with a 5-year memory aren't spamming Trump/Obama more