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I r8 your favorite skins
AWP - Sun in Leo
Is being gay common? Yes. Is being gay, despite the gender, normal? No.
Stewie what's wrong?
Brazilian Major
Lmao, they have F1 races every year, they've hosted a World Cup and the Olympics
[serious] mibr
I actually like the idea of letting Lucas go and bringing in Meyern. Kng is someone that infuriates me, he hits some unbelievable shots but misses the most stupid ones, I never thought bringing him wa...
[serious] mibr
fnx is playing with a brazilian team and he's not really that good anymore, his time is gone
[serious] mibr
Idk, I really like them, they are my favorite team but I can't pinpoint what's wrong with them.
Worst pro to win major
Anyone in that Gambit lineup
MIBR vs fnatic
There goes mibr chance of getting to the playoffs
10 FalleN facts
pocket man bad
Brazilians come here
I mean... It should be like that with anyone really
ur top 5 shows
Mad Men -> this show is so good, everything is well made and well acted, it's a shame that it doesn't get the recognition it deserves, it is my favorite of all time and i doubt that any show will top ...
lmao, a bit much coming from someone living in a country filled with sand people that stab anyone who has a different point of view
Best University in your country?
yeah, state university, federal university, same thing really, all filled to the brim with pretentious people
Best University in your country?
lmao imagine liking a federal university in 2019