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Your Mouse?
Hyperx pulsefire fps
Best Swedish Team Possible
f0rest KRIMZ REZ Nawwk Xizt Despite some changes it can be done, swedish scene is in trouble when this is one real option
Koosta thread
Nice thread. I'm impressed by c9 today. I agree with you and i would add that new teams have an emotional honeymoon that makes them play better. Despite this and all you said, it seems that c9 have a...
Yeah i know. I think the point is that if u are in a competition you have to play competitive and bring your best no matter the other teams, the prize or the event. You know the schedules and you must...
Your C9 honest opinion
They surprised me. Didn't know who is TenZ and i liked a lot. Koosta also impressed me. Hope they will improve in this way. Positive conclusion and maybe a good future but it will take time amd hard ...
ENCE forfeited at the start of MDL S31. If Vitality have schedule problems as the finish, they should forfeit too. Playing for fun is totally a disrespect for the other teams and the organisation. Bot...
Your top 5 favourite players
tarik rain kennyS GeT_RiGhT valde
GTR drama queen ?
Oh he's crying LOLKSBGKSBGVKASDNFVKANFVCAKLDNV Let him show his feelings in his own way. We have some poeple who live from being professional player, we have less people who live the game, and they ar...
Realistic Roster Fixes????
They need time, experience in lan and stay together. Looking to basic stats, Lucky is expected from everybody to be the first man to leave, but I think he's performing pretty well. He's doing a diffic...
Realistic Roster Fixes????
+Jamppi when allu steps down.
FaZe vs G2 map pool
Faze ban nuke G2 ban mirage G2 pick dust2 Faze pick inferno Faze ban vertigo G2 ban train Overpass was left over
Didn't see that lol hahahahaha thx