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isreal come here
They sended missiles to our civilians and if u dont know there are alot of ppl who are currently protesting agianst hamas so there's alot of shit happening there now
israel football club
This group that ur talking about is called La Familia they are like a mafia in israel unfortunately most of the people are scared of them here and the police tries to do as much as she can alot of the...
israel football club
I dont really agree with u on the part where u said thaty most of the people here support them because its simply not true but i agree that politics and football should not be involved
israel football club
Every football league has that one club who acts like this i do not support those kind of acts because its disgraceful
ENCE boring team
I didnt say im taking anything away from Ence this team beat down 2 of the top 5 teams if they did it they deserve it.
ENCE boring team
Nah i want ence to win cuz they made it all the way here. allu is a legendery player who deserves a major u dont have to think like me but respect my opinion :D
ENCE boring team
I like ence but for me the only reason the won agianst liquid and navi are heavily ct sided maps the preformed good but when they played dust for example to got annihilated by Navi
Respect to ENCE But alot of their winnings comes from the ct sided maps
New Cs Team v2
I kinda like the name Fipree
Israel, why?
But nobody will tell that they are throwing rocks and fire baloons on us right?
+18 csgo video
I Rate your nickname and improve it!
Israel has enough expirience and combat abillity to fight turkey but if that will start it will probably trigger USA and Russia what will make then start fight there aswell So it will probably be USA ...
Super_StaRR That depends israel has combat expirience but turkey has the bigger army so