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girls after 21yo
how old are you guys? 15? Or you just date your cousins? That was the most retarded shit I've ever read
girls after 21yo
The words of a bigtime incel, a real man wouldnt have to ask these kinds of things.... What do you mean by baggage? And what the fuck does wierd exes and pussy mileage matter? You dont have to hang o...
Defend Trump?
Mtumee, you know that the Mueller investigation actually made money right? Manafort had to pay up shitloads of millions for his plea-deal. According to different sources its somewhere between $25-45M
I think DSN was also on the top of the awp list
dsn was better than walle I think, he was my personal favorite in 1.6
Swedens only hope?
-draken for sure, when he's playing well he can compete with most awpers in the world. But draken is to unstable, his level of play is so inconsistent. And when he plays bad he's not even on semi pro ...
fnatic vs Movistar Riders
Xizt is the biggest trash igl of all time. Saying this as a swede who hates watching NiP and fnatic lose 'cause of his incapability to lead...
f0rest noob
What a troll! But this is the community sadly enough, people creating bait threads just to get some attention... Sad shit
So, you want to remove the best player in the team? That is wierd
+1 Xizt is a really shitty IGL, his calls are so insanely bad... I dont know how anyone that has seen the old NiP play, would ever pick up Xizt to lead... So many times I saw them open up a site and j...