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Sprout vs Red Reserve
Mirbit is a turk just saying...
Looking for car
Golf GTI has a very expensive insurance rate. Ford fiesta and Opel Astra are prone cars. So they could be very expensive. If you want to have fun and go cheap, take a audi a3 2.0 tfsi 147 kW (200 PS)....
More Fps after buying a display?
144hz Ms 1
Good closed back headphones up to 100 euro
HyperCloud alpha 2
More Fps after buying a display?
Same settings
Is it just the mistake of the immigrants? My father came 30 years before to Germany and started after 2 weeks to work in a big German industry, where they wanted just Turkish employees without good Ge...
Hahahahha, it would be funny if he has been him really.
XANTARES Confirmed New Team
His English would be enough for the first. And if he has to move like woxic his English will get much more better. He needs just To use it
XANTARES Confirmed New Team
In his stream he made a 4k and tabsen just wrote in to the chat word.exe xanti? Hahahhahahaha
I want to build a new PC
thats what I´m looking for... the cheapest 2070 costs 519€ the cheapest r7 2700x 319€
I can't sleep..
+1 Had to laugh loud, bc it was on my mind aswell
I want to build a new PC
I know, it is like, after you bought a PC everything gets much more cheaper.
I want to build a new PC
So is it not worth to wait?
Everywhere where money is, people are cheating. So it's not a big thing.
[18+] can u see her puss
Elhamdülillah aleykümselam