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s1mple LEAVING
By weakest player, I meant that Stewie is weakest in terms of skill and consistency among liquid players, though he's very good and versatile. But he's prone to getting tilted. If liquid needs s1mple,...
s1mple LEAVING
Liquid did very well so far. If Stewie is resilient and consistent, then it should be easy for liquid.
s1mple LEAVING
Stewie is the weakest player in liquid as of now & Stewie and elige are entry fraggers in liquid. So Stewie can be replaced by s1mple if liquid wishes to.
s1mple LEAVING
No problems
s1mple LEAVING
Even s1mple is a beast. Liquid won't mind replacing a beast for a beast as long as it doesn't affect team chemistry & roles.
s1mple LEAVING
That's what I told. There's lesser chance of twistzz being replaced than Stewie. Naf is irreplaceable, so no worries.
s1mple LEAVING
He's one of the best entry fraggers right now, and he can even clutch well. He can't be benched. s1mple can replace Stewie or twistzz, though twistzz is better support player than Stewie.
s1mple LEAVING
Nitro is better IGL than Stewie. Stewie was a rookie while he did IGL in c9.
s1mple LEAVING
Well, NiKo can utilise his talent by entry fragging with rain or secondary awping and allow olof to do star role sometimes (rifle+AWP). It's sad that no proper IGL with good fragging ability is availa...
s1mple LEAVING
No, karrigan allowed his teammates to give too many suggestions for mid round calls and other strats, which destroyed his purpose of IGLing and everything became disaster before NiKo took over him as ...
M: Legends Stage First Day Predictions
You've literally reversed your predictions except for last three (liquid, mibr, astralis)
Cryied because of Esports?
I would've felt elated if I watched the ESL one Katowice 2015 because olof & fnatic won it. Speaking of sad emotion, I felt dejected when I saw Faze losing eleague Boston final to cloud9 from 15-11 ...
lets talk about DEV1CE
Sry, forgot about king of banana & map veto king.
lets talk about DEV1CE
GuardiaN featured in all top 20 lists. Unlucky GuardiaN lost in 3 major finals (the most after forest & get right) even though he put MVP worthy performances in most of the majors, including the final...
astralis 0-3 mibr 3-0
Nice bait