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MIBR vs Liquid
liquid, you will see what is your biggest nightmare tomorrow!!!!!
MIBR vs Liquid
OMG, never thought MIBR will be the other Navi, Maybe they never dream today is a nightmare as well
Astralis vs mousesports
Feel heartbroken to see Sunny's depression eyes, he got not bad teammates at least, but s1mple....
Liquid vs Natus Vincere
just a little bit sad to watch Navi have this kind of confrontation to liquid because they will probably lose this game
Natus Vincere vs Ghost
According to the current state, if Navi pass over Ghost, they will head to liquid in the first round of Playoff, and the outcome that they will be sent home by Liquid
Astralis vs Liquid
Nuke must be removed if liquid want to win astrials
Ghost vs NRG
OMG, unexpected RNG lost out on the 3rd map in the end
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
Sorry,I mean that nothing to be pound even Navi overran Shark
Sharks vs Natus Vincere
Nothing to be proud even Navi win Shark
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Renegades vs BIG
WOW, Renegade is so close to send big home
Sharks vs North
OMG, is that North team defeated Astrails once ?
Such a disgrace to look at this match, Tyloo only win 3 round in these 2 maps, unexcepted
TYLOO vs Heroic
Wow, last round now, Inferno map, Danish team again? hope they can carry the same performance when they did in Major London this year
NiP vs Astralis
Unbelievable, mouz and nip both don't remove the Nuke and they should probably know Astrails will make the best performance on this map. any small chance when they made will send them home. Otherwise...