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Save Xantares !
yeah but that was because of gobb, but now he's gone. Or is he still coach for BIG?
I have no social life.
Go get a job and learn to know people from there
Jamppi Should Be Unban
I agree, give him another chance
s1mple destroyed NaVi
I agree with you that he needs a new team or new structure but I meant that your arguments are not always right even if you think so. Because you will always think so because it's YOUR arguments and Y...
s1mple destroyed NaVi
"once again my arguments are always right" that's because it's YOUR arguments haha, ofc you think they are right xD
Self-confidence ?
I know what you mean, nofap is for real man. It sucks energy from you
Gifting FACEIT Premium!
Girl ran from me
Hahaha good story, worth it
haha rekt
Fnatic react
Does anyone actually own this headset? Is it really as good for gaming as people say it is?
hltv gym tips
Always straight back, focus on intensity and consistensy. 8-12 reps and always have enough weight to rep exactly that amount. Learn deadlift and the technique and you will grow, I promise. It's a full...
buy cat? yes or no
Get two cats, now they have each other when you are away! Make sure to get them as small babies so they bond
mousesports vs Heroic
stavn is insane! dude if you read this keep going! you're so young and have a very big potential!!
csgo not fun to me anymore
Listen to him! Do something meaningful if you're not having fun anymore and can't reach pro level. Find an interesting hobby where you learn something every day