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Heroic has fans?
Obviously a crowd with mostly danish people will support a danish team playing vs an american team with a brazilian like wtf, why would they cheer for Liquid? Doesn't make sense at all
Shaving my head
Apple Cider Vinegar is the answer, try it for a week and see the difference
240Hz not smooth
Go into bios and put your rams on full load, my friend did this and he says it's a looot smoother. They are probably set on 10% or something, don't know why this is default but go check it!!
SKADE vs Nexus
Nooo rip my 2-1 skade bet... nexus chooooke
NA superteam
Dignitas vs ECSTATIC
No hate to friberg but he really need to accept he's done with this game, at least as a player. He really drags this team down. And Dignitas has to learn that if you're in a 5v3 you don't have to pu...
AGF vs Nexus
Lol wtf is AGF doing on on t-side? They are not playing together at all. Just sending one player to attack a site with a flash and no one close to trade hahah 11-4 btw
Vitality vs Liquid
trust me they wont, it will be kyojin and shox 100%
Gambit vs eSuba
probably nervous as fuck realizing they are close to winning a map against top 3 team, easy to make mistakes
Gambit vs eSuba
LOL I would understand if Gambit came back on CT but on T, from 14-4? Damn
Gambit vs eSuba
Ouch esuba bettors, I feel for you. Once again, 11-4 most dangerous half ever
Havu always play so shitty when I bet on them, they really need a big change.....
Copenhagen Flames vs Dignitas
Copenhagen Flames vs Dignitas
Feels like most teams play sloppy after major, happens every time.