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Should I?
you only know if u watch weeb anime im sorry i misread, still virgin for life
how to approach girls?
Hit a feminist nerve ? You are all the things he just mentioned . My advice to the guy treat them like shit. They stay the longest.
Should I?
Lul loves asians says figure is best he has seen ..... you my friend are the biggest virgin.
nbk as igl
this bulgarian dog thinks hes tough ;D worth less than the shit on my shoe
Difference between baiting and your team acknowledging hes the best player so.they bait for him.so he can make plays. The brain on some of you guys is beyond dumb. And it tells me you havet played any...
It's boombla.
Haha happy some.hltv user gets the joke xx
nbk as igl
Bulgarian Dog shut the fk up , he put a team together couple a months ago wins 1 lan qualifies for legend stage , he is doing a great job.
It's boombla.
Boomboclat it is he is rastafari
FaZe Kaze
But for real what is he doing in this tier 3 team... does he not speak english ? I see him owning literally every game they play. Great fit for any na team if he speaks proper english
Check how many "mistakes" refs made in the last 5 years for real in the cl . Its not a coincedence.
They were so trash tbh.... any top european team would do better . Lack the will to win. As you saw ajax was hungry for it but the var wins real the game . Its allright we all know its rigged shit the...
Answer confirms my suspicion 60 iq chimpansee typing on hltv.
Well your just a mong if u really think that even the spanish papers saying it wasnt a foul , courtouis was nowhere near the ball. But i guess your danish insight in football isnt that great
Ye man , ajax was so much better but didnt score when they had the chance . You know real will score they dont need 6 chances. But the var decision was imo bullshit. Theres so many moments in the last...
What did the ajax player do ? Totally nothing courtois ran into him , and it wasnt even sufficient with the player because courtois was totally out of position for that goal . If tadic was in the way ...