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liquid new 2018 faze
And then they went to shit and never came back and with unproven grim onliner and with moses as coach I dont think we can expect much
liquid new 2018 faze
They didnt even play tier 1 team in EU and you are already that delusional Also grim never played any tier 1 team on Lan
You expect them to win? Its really bad when hallzerk is not even their best player on the team actually
FaZe era?
One of the teams which is not even training and niko is on party with ynk so not so fast though
Cologne Format
like this format was almost every time on LAN tournaments wtf
new FaZe expectations ?
Still they will be better than EG anyway when NA and EU plays together on LAn
Greatest player who will never
Scream lol
Faze support player
Hope its bait and that u dont want to get autimatic on team like faze
The major
bullshit list
Faze roster now
clueless with the second part lmao
Esl one Cologne talents
BHoping for moses and anders and also ddk and bardolph but idk about this ddk and bardolph if they are not in contract for ESL or something :D
kjearrbye to faze
he is out of team already, he isnt in Faze anymore
FaZe management dumb ?
Ynk is not problem Niko is problem bcz of that igl role Rain should be gone bcz he is too inconsistent
FaZe guess
Well they are not signing lekro for sure
stanislaw is underrated
They are barely beating teams in NA when its online and you are acting like they are going to win major because of that Coaches can still talk so its easier for EG just like other teams WHO are playin...