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sh1ro LAN vs online
shiro top 1 = Error 404
yep, it worked really well before
Current T2/T3 top 30 teams (April)
faze big and col? :D they are not playing that great thats true but they are not tier 2 lul
Simple was throwing smoke from bench and flash after that tbh
Flamie, B1t same shit
idk they replaced flamie with b1t... not like they replaced tier 2 player with some star
For Faze with karrigan twistzz frozen and ropz please, ty
FaZe -broky -rain
tbh I saw it on mirage T side but idk its 50/50 for me with broky rifling, I need to see more
FaZe -broky -rain
tbh I wasnt able to watch last games but when I saw him playing back then with rifles he was so good and he wasnt that bad like you are saying here :D idk for first I would try to kick rain/coldzera ...
FaZe -broky -rain
idk who cares, maybe he could do something what rain/coldzera do rn, maybe he could go on sites as 2nd guy after twistzz tbh, also I wouldnt kick him when there is coldzera or rain who are nowhere 201...
FaZe -broky -rain
yep, it was for the first time and he was playing support if I am not mistaken, rn when he rifles he looks twice better than rain and coldzera when he is on good day
FaZe -broky -rain
nice roster change, at least you use brain :D
FaZe -broky -rain
would you really fucking kick broky without trying to put him on rifle?
FAZE discussion
idk I am giving them like 2-3 months with this current roster and after that if they dont show results and if they dont replace either rain or coldzera idk rly :D
Why faze is worse than Mouz
nah just ropz >cold, frozen>rain