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You tell me renegades has higher chance at tier 1 than this mouz ?
ChrisJ in Flusha's new team? Options for his future
That team already has Sunny which isnt performing and flusha who isnt that fragger so Adding another 0.90 rating guy...
FaZe Clan era
yes while prime Niko shit the bed in the grand finals and was 2nd worst player of that grand final
Will Kjaerbye stay in FaZe?
To be honest I think he will be either 6th and twistzz will come or twistzz will replace kjaerbye because rn twistzz wouldnt go to extremum or mousesports and only great options for him are either FaZ...
Dexter, Acor
yee not really but its your opinion :)
Dexter, Acor
"overrated karrigan, and one of the best awpers in the world", weird but ok
FaZe Clan era
hope so and if karrigan comes he will make broky even better and broky could like do some entrying with awp and it could go really well in my opinion so I am looking forward to it and I hope with karr...
of all players they could get why would you want autimatic????????
Karrigan to FaZe
well tbh if karrigan joins and rain or kjaerbye cant keep up and will still have shit stats and they will play bad one of them will go
yeah idk it just when I instantly looked to the changes there is like no support or something who just creates space or just doesnt care about and supports team, I dont know how dexter plays so idk if...
but who will be the support element? dexter? :D I also think its solid roster move
My bans on Blast Global Finals
Obviously G2 wins 2:0, there is no way furia takes a map
PGL Major Stokholm 2021 SPOILER
Unless some firepower change comes then no since Simple cant play in major finals
best roster move right now
mantuu would play in tier 2 team instead while woxic is not that good rn with online thing happening anyway