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OpTic vs North
Feel bad for these players. They're all great but something is missing, it's going downhill for most of them sadly :/
OpTic vs G2
I am. don't you support your fellow danes ?
refrezh's career
"Yeah these danes think they are some hot stuff..." . They don't, they are pretty humble actually and know that they are underperforming. Optic are still 2/5 of former Heroic team, I don't know why ev...
OpTic vs Virtus.pro
Hungover K0nfig still won the game.
congrats France with Eurovision 2019 winning!
congrats France with Eurovision 2019 winning!
Envy vs TeamOne
Not the prettiest CS but such an entertaining last map, perfect example of how small details can completely change a round. GG WP
French Civil War
1st september 1939 - 27th september 1939. Don't talk.
Gla1ve is #2 in my book. Higher than device. Stats don't show everything. He is the brain of Astralis and his calls/readings during rounds are what I find the most impressive. I'd say it's about time ...
k0nfig will destroy refrezh
dumbest thread :/
OpTic Refrezh
MSL 1 MVP 2018 Cold 0
any argument ?
OpTic Gaming to sign refrezh
mertz has great mechanical skills but I think he has poor decision making (cost him his place in North). Maybe JuGi can wake up with another IGL.
OpTic Gaming to sign refrezh
niko is a great player but his addition to OpTic didn't help them being more consistant. Wonder if it's a chemistry/role issue. At this point I would also like to see another IGL, their problems won't...
Vitality vs G2