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North fix?
+1. Sadly it seems North were not willing to spend money on them and k0nfig will go to complexity.
North vs Tricked
EZ 4 Aizy
Pro player quotes
"Good luck Kenny, I'll fuck you up!" :D
AleksiB & K0nfig
They only picked Magisk because of the roles he was playing. You know magisk had attitude problems as well right ? Probably what cost him his place in North. K0nfig is only average because he has/had...
Natus Vincere vs OpTic
Agree. Usually MSL is either 1st with entry kills or 2nd behind k0nfig, si I guess he wants to take risks. But niko was first to die in so many rounds, it made the game almost impossible to win for th...
OpTic vs FaZe
FaZe IGL Options
Even cadian could work, IGL & AWPer.
OpTic vs DreamEaters
Dumbest fucking comment ever. You are the shit person, idiot. How much ?
North need blameF
- aizy - jugi + konfig +msl (back to igl + awp). gade pretty solid fix on ct, can be used as entry, konfig back to second entry, valde back to support, kjaerbye on the lurk. awp positioning according ...
Take OpTic's spot & players, keep MSL/konfig/Cajunb, add coldzera & oskar, done.
Sprout vs OpTic
Terrible decision/timing to try out teses who clearly had too much to learn before their most important turnament of the year... Also what a lackluster performance from refrezh, he cost them so much o...
Sprout vs OpTic
fnatic vs OpTic
Same for OpTic. Made it to the finals but lost to Vitality. So far in ECS they are 4-1 with wins over G2, Avangar, NiP & Faze. But no playoffs. Crap format indeed.
Where is suNny?
Sunny to OpTic instead of snappi. They all can talk in english. Sunny/konfig entry duo, the firepower they need. EZ top8.
OpTic vs NiP
Wins against against fnactic and Nip ben somehow when it matters the most they choke against angel and Taz.... GG anyway.