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Hello HLTV friends. I am a simple Canadian, little things in life make me happy... like pop flashes and multi kills.'re not the only person in the world that isn't okay, never give up. My inbox and steam are always open if you feel you have noone to talk to.

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honda frags
50 frags, over 3 maps
name a better duo
+1 those 2 can win 2v5 anyday. Can never count them out.
€1M if you get at least 1 kill; what's your gameplan?
Mirage Ct side Ticket Usp
Will karrigan ever win a major?
good for him, such a star talent i'm sure he'll decide on something he enjoys
Will karrigan ever win a major?
I hope Allu is doing well, I never followed up on his leave he took from csgo.
no flavor protein powder - disaster...
Bake goods with the protien powder inside the recipe. Add a scoop to cookies dough or some other confectionery items. You could add a scoop to yogurts if you consume the yogurts.
Will karrigan ever win a major?
+1 hades signing ence pog
Hampus was right
The guy is super smart mixed with super skilled. Picks up awp tier 1 and is dominating! Massive impact for sure!
Born in US = American?
1. NYC is a city, inside a state, inside the country United STATES OF America. 2. South Africa isn't a continent though brother, it's a country in Africa. 3. Anyone in South America can call themself...
Born in US = American?
Emphasis on the keyword OF in U.S.A. United States OF America. Did you not learn geography in the Canadian education system?
Born in US = American?
100% incorrect.
Born in US = American?
America was a term to identify the whole western hemisphere. The new land. If you look at old maps, some in Spanish say Américo(s). South America is American. It's all just labels. Borders. Division. ...
daps retired from Valorant
Yeah what the heck lol. I thought it would be more cartoony, first visit and I'm disappointed :(