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spotify top 50 global
everything after led zeppelin was trash
im trans ama
People immeadiatly recognize you as a man, or they take a minute and stare for a bit? Much respect and love. =)
Gays you respect?
I respect all straight people that dont try to look too straight.
Left wing HLTV takeover?
it's funny because you're being sensitive while complaining about people being sensitive.
Gays you respect?
so u dont respect any other gay person?
be honest 18+
lmao, all these people saying 180+, when world avarage for males is like 170-175.
do you care about about climate change?
if hltv users say they dont care so it's probably a big deal.
Is my female coworker into me?
the more u wait the hotter it will be
Brazilian leftists are pathetic
i literally said that the left is also dumb lol
Am I normal (no fap)?
idk, in a way, it's healthy. You release important hormones that helps you to relax, plus it makes you more into sex, so u might get hyped about going out for parties and stuff, even if it doesn't end...
Is God real
just a social engineering tool.
this is by far the saddest day of my life
History of your fan career
2009: Paul McCartney 2010: Paul McCartney 2011: Paul McCartney 2012: Paul McCartney 2013: Paul McCartney 2014: Paul McCartney 2015: Paul McCartney 2016: Paul McCartney 2017: Paul McCartney 2018: Paul ...
Netflix & Homosexuality
"excessive use of homosexuality in Netflix shows" = 1 or 2 lgbt couples in the middle of 50 straight ones. Just assume u are not secure enough about ur own sexuality, geez.
Gay christian propaganda
I thought it was gods job to judge and apply the penalty for mankind sins. Homophobics are also sinners. They are just dumb enough to get mad about something that it's not even related to them. Just ...