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Player ratings in fantasy
Ez4Messi, Ez4Argentina, Ez "Copa América" for us.
5 worst cs scenes and why
There used to be a good Arg Team. But still, you are right on that. There is no actually good team from Argentina. But players? We have Jony Boy (not active today), NikoM, nbl, Straka, Tutehen. Those ...
NiP should
Don't want to sound disrispectful to a legend, but Olofmeister is not playing like he used to. Lekro might not be a great fragger, but he is indeed a great IGL, and on a good day he is crusial to the ...
f0rest ace on Inferno with AK47
S1mple 0 Major
Im tired of reading "s1mple chockes again" and stuff like that... The rounds NA´VI were all carried by him. The rounds they lost, no one would do sh**. He made crazy plays, starting by that 1v3. With ...
REPORT: GTR & f0rest retire, NiP sign ENCE
Reported, just for lying mate. Im sorry, but you need proofs to post something like that.
REPORT: GTR & f0rest retire, NiP sign ENCE
Where did you get that info from? Pls copy and paste link.
Boring MVP in Katovice !!!!
Or dev1ce, which would be the same.
NiP beats Astralis ( only way )
Unfortunately I had to choose Astralis for my pickem. I still think they are going to be major champions (once again, which is fine, but kind of sucks at long term because apparently no team can beat ...
Is America the best country?
Well it is not a country. It is a whole continent. The name "America" is not properly used.
Nobody crying here, they both played a good Inferno (not train, NiP did a really bad game there) and the best of them won. But your post is just quite toxic, as well as the main post here. That is why...
Your name says it all.
get right explain that please
I will recall what I just said: - "...he just moved his mouse with a timing that was kind of awkward for X-ray view (which happened many times to many players)..." Being NiP fan does not change that....
get right explain that please
I mean, I understood where te post was aimed, but there is nothing to explain there. That is not "aimlock", he is just trying to hold his position, he just moved his mouse with a timing that was kind ...