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quarantine stupid
Cuz he gotta loose the 500 pounds of stupidity he has in his brain.
Meanwhile in Russia
Using this graphic and not knowing how to interpret it just shows how much of an ignorant you are.
Yea and it's funny how he entirely deleted and remade his #87 comment. What a joke of a human being.
True, however sometimes it is really hard to.
Dude, you are so dumb, I'm really sorry but there is no other word to address it. You want to compare something that kills 1k a day (reported) with a sickness that kills over a year. Stop spreading no...
This paragraph just shows how braindead you are. You have no clue whatsoever about what's going on and knows absolutely NOTHING about the difference between all these sickness/diseases you have listed...
Brazil is in a Internet War
Brazil is in a Internet War
That's so surreal that it becomes comic. hahaha
Brazil is in a Internet War
Brazil's priorities are really weird.
World War Z
It's a one-time experience game. Horrible after that. I'd say all episodes from each chapter together will give u around 2hrs and a half hours of fun (if played with friends on high difficulty), unins...
"It's just a flu"
Don't waste ur time with this retard. He clearly doesn't have an argument and all he wants to do is to say 'fuck it' to pretend he is such an alpha male boi. It'll change when someone close to him get...
Not surprised, he probably should have used an Auto Shotgun from that far would still have killed KnBot.
1. Zews leave cuz doesn't have space to do his job; 2. Roster Change TACO or MEYERN going bye bye; 3. They announce Vacations to practice; 4. Felps and Whoever got kicked Join MIBR + big promises and ...
It just proves the point that Fallen didn't let Zews do his job. -Fallen only fix.
Corona vaccine found
The only thing that can be found right now is a workaround to gain time or prevent it from spreading. The vaccine takes least a year to be developed, its not something that can be simply found like th...