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Alcohol extremely overrated
Shrooms for life man.
Your fps in cs go
200-300 its fine, dips a bit which is unfortunate, but i dont really feel it
2019 top 5 best awp player
CerQ > woxic and jame obviously
AVANGAR vs Astralis
there we go, finally. awesome prediction brother
Lazarus vs Lowkey
2-0 AAAAND 2-1 ez for swag
You didnt say that, but thats what those people live by lmao.
16+ girl help
I would ask her why the fuck she would decline me. Why would you want to follow her when she treats you like that?
So because they are able to have children, raping them and selling them is A-OK. Oh the wonderful logic of islam <3 Edit: oh and they werent always married "shortly after puberty" they were married...
GOAT of cs1.6?
lmao nice one
Exchange getting drunk with a good trip of LSD, Shrooms or DMT, then i agree.
144HZ Monitor
Yes definitely, there are plenty of decent cheap 144hz monitors out there, and the prices should only be dropping now that 240hz is getting more popular for mainstream use. As for your fps, you can al...
Mom found my weed
Dude, post this question on Reddit, and you will get some real advice. Dont ever ask these hoodlums and fartbrains on hltv.
Best quote from a CSGO pro?
I think it was Niko
The worst disasters in your nation.
+1 +1 +1
im ugly why
You actually have no clue how you actually look, scientists say you wouldnt even recognize yourself if you saw your physical presence. So you thinking youre ugly is just your brian telling you you are...