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Boombl4 about COLDZERA
C'mon man lmao
movies like inception/interstellar
+1 very good choice
Who will be MVP Berllin Major 2019?
+1 I wouldn't be impressed if he somehow transfer money from his teammates on pistol round to buy awp and save it to the end of the match
MIBR after Blast Miami
I would be impress if they disband. BR people are too delusional and can be fooled easily. They can remove 1 or 2 players and keep fooling their fans with the "its all fine, we just need to practice"....
Draken rekted ?
Yep, but his interview says otherwise.
Draken rekted ?
I feel like something important happened behind the scenes that led to his exit (not even benched) from nip
Draken rekted ?
NIP "twofaced" Toledo
Is Fallen the probelm?
I still have hope that he can play better but he should drop the igl role because its clear to me he cant handle awp/igl anymore
They dont have a good win since 2018 to be fair. This year they had only delusional wins against no namers and t2 teams. I'm starting to believe that this roster is as delusional as its fans. They wi...
MIBR Invites
This trash team is not "recieving invites" . They were already invited before this downfall happened. Be smart and check next invites before complaining about something that was already decided long...
its quite opposite lol... Hes been playing good but his IGL has been utter trash since 2018. Garbage calls the whole game. Planting (or failing due to out of time) with few seconds left most of the ...
Noah destroyed BR
Noah taking those EA business lessons lol
Rate tarik GF
Thats not the type of girl you would call a GF lol.... but ok
mibr fix
"Fallen is irreplaceable." Delusional at its best. True Brazilian HLTV user. /closed