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+1 and it still holds up to nowadays.
karrigan why ?
You know he is 30 yo right? Also he is not forest. I like him but I don't think this is a good move at all.
Natus Vincere vs Vitality
Here comes Faze dark horse against all odds xD
-olof +ROPZ?
you guys keep talking about how a not IGL member would be wonderful for them? Have you already forgotten about Niko? Or do you think that rops is better than him skillwise or something? These Faze pla...
What games did you grow up playing?
Alone In The Dark 1. BattleToads. Silent Hill 1. Street of Rage 1. Simcity 2000. Turok. 007 Golden Eye. Banjo&Kazzoe. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
You really think YNK was that impactful over the team?
FaZe | AZR vs FalleN
I hope its not AZR or Fallen.
Fallen & Taco going to FaZe
Its true. I saw in Tik Tok
OG vs FaZe
I'm quite sure Faze won't ban it. They've often left it open when a vertigo perma ban team is against them.
He is one of the biggest paycheck stealer on the scene. Had no success with any team he'd been on. Using the keep quiet strategy to pass unnoticed. The real impostor.
woman gets triggered by trump supporters and crashes her car
Imagine being near an event that you hate. Now imagine getting stuck near this event because you've made a stupid act. Now she is trying to explain her no brain acts to officers while the people she h...
MIBR vs Wisla Krakow
Let's hope they can see that the real problem of MIBR was never the new additions but the ones at the core. Fallen? fer? Both?
(+18) Why Police shot Man
+1 aka extremists. No matter if it's political, religious, or something else. Extremists are beyond reason, unfortunately.
go A or go B
Why do people revive a thread from almost a year ago? Lol