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I wouldn't vote on him.
Is mibr underrated?
You are not wrong thou..
Is mibr underrated?
Overrated, mostly because whats on paper is very different from reality. MIBR has 5 great players that are struggling since formation to get some sinergy. Stew is playing quite well but Tarik seems lo...
M16R #5 HOW?
+1 but why lose time trying to argue with HLTV users lol.... If this rank was made by them, after Blast Pro Series, C9 would be better ranked than mibr... Rank would be a roller coaster every week lol...
gla1ve REKT
+1 Most ppl would say the same thing if they were at that situation
Liquid can be top 1
yeah he is good but he chokes... all 3 chokers have better stats than TACO. Even so, I would not kick non chokers. It's like you are a great player but you always lose to yourself when it matters most...
Liquid can be top 1
Yeah kick TACO cause bad stats and keep all the chokers. HLTV logic lol..... Twitzz and TACO are the only ones that dont choke everytime on an important match. Just watch their games and check whos pe...
"THIS IS LEGOLAS GAY BROTHER NOT GERALT" hahahahahahahahah I'm dead +10000000000 ! ! !
make a 5 team of washed up pros
Type of thread that reunite hater kids from this forum lol.....
Liquid Nifty
How delusional a person can be to think this kind of change will drasticaly improve Liquid? nitr0 is a regular awper just like nifty lol....
who cheat in the pro scene ?
I have a question: Whats the difference between this kind of topic and flat Earth believers?Dudes with a lot of LAN games ..... lol.... You have probably more chance wining a lottery than this is real...
[OFFICIAL] HLTVs Teams by Tier list
Astralis should be Tier 0. At the moment all of that T1 teams are trying to reach Astralis level... They are above anyone on teamplay. There are no contenders atm. Don't be delusional :)
Liquid without Twistzz
went to shop to buy some hairfix
MIBR -Fallen
Now I can confirm the bait. And it was a good one I gotta say lol....