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100T nitr0
thats because warzone is actually enjoyable and the best BR, valorant isn't even the best competitive fps game r6 and csgo are superior
worst faceit country
better at cs than norway
worst faceit country
bad at cs
cant compare kennyS peak with any post nerf awper peak imo
twins in CSGO
hen1 and lucas1 JW and Miss piggy
pros best transformations
cerq is still fat as fuck lmao barely a change download speed???
i dont care about winning multiplayer, i watn kills i only care about wins in warzone mp win/loss is 1/2 warzone win loss is 1/150 download speed???
i play both but i only liek a few of the multiplayer maps, specifically the smaller ones like shipment big mp maps are annoying af because there are so many campers in what should be a deathmatch sit... download speed???
if ur downloading it to play season 5 they ruined warzone with juggernauts in normal mode, otherwise ignore this comment
Best game you had in cs?
12 33 calls other team noobs expected
Best game you had in cs?
i only got like 29 kills total but i aced 3 rounds in a row from 12-13 to 15-13, we won 16-13
Build a team of no major winners
Build a team of no major winners
ur entitled to ur opinion but i was pointing out an obviously flaw in ur argument since sergej in 2019 was primarily playing against t1 opposition while cerq in 2018 wasn't, cerq in 2019/2020 was howe...
Build a team of no major winners
anyone who has no filter on stats is a dumbass