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Vitality vs HellRaisers
If the HR players aims are just a little bit better, they could perhaps win a map at this event. Cringe to see AK/SG lose duels to M4 all day.
Vitality vs HellRaisers
ANGE1 might need to play some DM servers... I don't know how he always so low k/d.
Vitality vs HellRaisers
Vitality had no spare money for the first 10 rounds, I wonder what score this map would be if HR didn't lose every 5vX rounds on T side. Or if ANGE1 wasn't 1-15.
LOOT bet tournament with 2 polish teams... probably easy to determine which maps/scores for the teams.
Sprout vs Heroic
Boring finals, no team at this event can compete with Heroic...
fnatic vs Vitality
Alex realized his team won't win if zywoo has to 1v5 every game. Now he is on fire.
North vs NiP
Wow, forest on 3hp gets all remaining North players. If that molotov had 1 more tick... would be 19-17.
G2 vs BIG
BIG is eliminated and most likely tilted. They probably will not win 5 rounds on dust2.
G2 vs BIG
Sad for BIG that this is lan, they would never make those errors in online match.
G2 vs BIG
Online ez BIG, on lan hard.
Lucid Dream vs Invictus
Haha, that was another one. The chinese/asian fixed matches are full on blatant. You will see guys dropping max 30k bets on skin sites on a handicap and making their returns 10-20% of their stake. Th...
Lucid Dream vs Invictus
He used to be on LGD when they first came out during lounge days didn't he? I remember his team straight up threw a bo1 on mirage (ofc with last minute shift towards other team before bets closed). P...
NiP vs BIG
13-4 vs ECO...
NiP vs BIG
BIG on lan...
100 Thieves vs Astralis
Lose map to glaive, now 16-0 16-0. Boring finals yet again.