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Luminosity vs Liquid
Every night the big favorite for the match will lose their map 2 pick, and easily sweep map 1 and 3.
Renegades vs compLexity
So predictable, every big favorite in this kind of matches just magically loses their own pick while comfortably winning the other maps.
ALTERNATE aTTaX vs Movistar Riders
How did they beat forze? Atn plant bomb in 5v3 and just run away?
forZe vs Izako Boars
Shocked that forze dropped a map at all.
The Frenchies finally figured it out. Just rush where HenryG is playing for free site take.
Chiefs vs ORDER
It seems like order felt bad about destroying chiefs 3-0, so they let them win mirage? Every other map is a brutal stomp.
Kinguin vs
Is morelz paid off by kinguin? Very odd plays.
NRG vs Kinguin
Wow Kinguin's chances ruined by losing both pistols and cerq carrying hard.
Renegades vs AGO
Renegades were externally lucky to win mirage, from overperforming and AGO underperforming. This is really possible for 16-0 on inferno.
spray'n'pray vs Windigo Academy
Windigo academy looks very strong for this level of cs.
Tricked vs Nexus
Nexus should 2-0, what incentive does tricked have to win here?
SJ vs Vexed
After vexed win mirage, their train odds changed in few minutes from 3.5 to 4.1. Why?
Chiefs vs Breakaway
Good showing by breakaway at this event so far, despite the choke here on nuke.
Chiefs vs ORDER
Order is quite lucky to get 7 rounds in the first half despite being totally outplayed, most their rounds are from a 2v4 pistol, 3v5 first buy round, and a 1v2 clutch.
Breakaway vs ORDER
How breakaway is +6.5 handicap when they win half the time against order? What the heck.