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How Navi really can win the major.
Pasha London School STRONGLY recommended.
moses racist!
I'd recommend Pasha London School.
They lost to abysmal Cloud9 tho...
Boombl4 = Boomich
I always thought the numeral 4 stands for the Cyrillic letter which is pronounced as "tch".
maths test
Yeah, I actually remembered something about the interval being "symmetric" and changing the values... looks like I have a lot to catch up on though :D Thanks anyway.
maths test
What's the rule for integrating a product of two functions? Or how did you do it?
maths test
Neither – I used Maple (a math SW) :D Yeah, I couldn't really be bothered to solve it on paper, but I was curious nevertheless, so I got a little help. But if I were to solve it, I would use properti...
maths test
The answer is c).
Spirit vs FURIA
Wtf was that "throw" in round 29? Two Spirit players got killed for free on silo :O
Help with school
xizt strikes again
Well, I wouldn't say that the joke is really racist – I mean it is offensive, but I would say the gist is elsewhere than race... but that may be just me :D
xizt strikes again
Yeah, but I mean... there are other nationalities too... But yeah, you're right, I actually smirked so it worked anyway.
xizt strikes again
China =/= Japan... or did I get it wrong?
I would ask you to provide some backup data to your claim about the hype, but I doubt you would provide any, so... Also there's a thing called nostalgia.
London vs London Slayers
Wtf is this meme match :D Also r0m, s0m and fl0m would be a cool core of a team...