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FURIA = new Astralis
Neymar? Pls no. It'll be cool to see Furia do good though. Minus the part where Fake brazilian baiters come out of their hidey-holes.
EG vs Furia - might be cool, if kscerato manages to wake up and pull out one those cool performances. Seeing he already had one this event though, I guess it's unlikely. Since those happen once in a b...
Top 3 Metal Songs
Current flavours: 1. Dream Theater - The Count of Tuscany 2. Tank - Honour & Blood 3. Faith No More - Epic ht...
"EG Unlikable"
This has nothing to do with them being NA. EG is unlikable because they trash talk. Same as Liquid became unlikable when Snake2k joined. I was always rooting for Liquid before that, hoping they'd fina...
I am from future
No, Astralis didn't adapt for device. Device adapted for what Astralis needs. In fact, that is why his stats suffer often enough, and why he gets called an eco/exit fragger. He is the ultimate team pl...
I am from future
No. Cloud9 won Boston. And Astralis wasn't doing so hot the first half of the year. S1mple along with Na'vi won 4 events and came 2nd in 5 in 2018. S1mple collected 7 MVPs including the major. Vitalit...
I'm just glad to see them finally being competitive again. No one likes to see sad kenny, lol
sg553 meta.... please end it valve
I agree with the price. The rate of fire and accuracy though? Bitch, please, it was fine for YEARS as it was. Just because all of you fucking wankers talked shit instead of actually playing and stylin...
Pros on zywoo or s1mple
It's an admittance in the sense that Vitality would go out of their way for Zywoo. Their whole strategy relies on him doing great. And if he doesn't.. well, we've already seen some strange losses. Na'...
Frankie is fckng rude
That's a yes and no kind of a thing. She really doesn't distinguish between trolls, annoying toxic know-it-alls, and genuine advice. I would say she goes kinda far telling people off about it too, whi...
Frankie is fckng rude
Proof? Just watch any of her streams. While, sure, the guy is trying to make her look bad, she really is a low-key nazi about being given advice. Typical brit that thinks they know everything and can'...
Pros on zywoo or s1mple
I don't agree with Twistzz at all. It is, in fact, the other way around. At least it used to be. For one, Zywoo's team is built around him. They make VERY sure that he has the best conditions, gets fl...
Mouz disband
Rather than disband, they need to stop wanking off and actually put some time into practice. Karrigan was a fucking beast when they came out with this lineup. Because he had been grinding, and he had ...
Biggest fluke ?
Your first bait was better. Tried too hard with this one.