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low sens = more skill??
homo neekeri
sjws and feminists
i get those on my recommended even tho i only watch cs stuff and random videos
Astralis era...Has it started now?
”even nip” 86-0 maps on lan nt newfag
What drugs do you use?
r/drugs if u wanna brag about shooting heroin and shit, fuck off you arent cool
What drugs do you use?
What drugs do you use?
>doing hard drugs daily >keep it healthy
What drugs do you use?
Being succesful and doing drugs=not a druggie? k
New Inferno graffiti coming
Gla1ve=lauri markkanen
every single person who picked with their brain not their heart has diamond
Finish come here
go to the original audio on youtube not this music video, pinned comment is a translation
Major was exciting till...
it was exciting until the grand final, me and my friends were joking on discord that wp ence but astralis already opened the palju after semis
i got one but i spent so much fucking money on stickers so frequently so steam locked me out of community marketplace and shit for 3 days, if the price crashes before that i'll be sad also had to jus...
glaive shots fired
good times huh, someone finally challenging the very best, i hope that happens to astralis but still please just ignore autistic people calling you plastic
glaive shots fired
i mean yeah you couldve very well been a fan since back then but the point is that just ignore people calling u plastic this whole "been a fan since dignitas" is getting so fucking cringe at this poin...
glaive shots fired
that's exactly what every single astralis fan says after being called a plastic fan and there is absolutely nothing you could do to prove it, plastic gg